Giving Tuesday & World AIDS Day – December 1st, 2020

Today starts the annual Giving Tuesday tradition in a year unlike any other. This day also happens to fall on World AIDS day this year. 2020 has been a lot! For many of us, our mental health and our financial health have taken significant hits, and we have had to tap deep into our own resilience to try and navigate this pandemic as best as we can. And while this is true for everyone, this is especialy the case for our LGBTQ+ and HIV community members.

While we are finding ways to navigate this current pandemic let us not forget on this day how our systems did not and often still do not show up for those we have lost and remember today, those living with HIV, and the legacy of a failure to respond to our communities to address a health crisis. We have much work to do to create equitable systems rooted in justice that do not disproportionally impact our communities, especially Queer and Trans People of Color. Let us all commit during this season of giving to work toward removing structural barriers as well as stigma to fight against HIV and support those who are living with HIV. Our organization was founded in memory of “Huey”, who lost his battle with HIV. Today we remember all those we have lost and firmly commit to improving the health of our LGBTQ+ and HIV communities. We will continue to work each and every day to create spaces and opportunities for LGBTQ+ and HIV community members to be their authentic, courageous selves.

I am so proud of the work of our team during this year. We leaned in at a time when many other resources were closing to make sure our LGBTQ+ and HIV communities got what they needed. We quickly adapted all of our services and even launched new programs to address gaps and meet emerging needs. Check out our website and our #GivingTuesday profile to learn more about all the ways we’ve helped this year.

While we know many of you are not able to give as you normally could, we want to encourage those of you who can to please do so today. Your gift goes further today with matches from Facebook, Foundations, and the Hugh Lane Board of Directors.

Help us make sure every person who reaches out for assistance this holiday season is able to get what they need. Whether that’s a winter holiday meal, to build community at one of our events, to recieve PPE kits with blankets and handwarmers, or to help an LGBTQ+ young person or senior recieve a needed gift this season from our virtual giving tree. Every dollar you donate will go directly toward supporting our holiday outreach.

Please consider making a donation today. ANY amount helps!

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