Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation works to raise health with LGBTQ+ and HIV communities by removing systemic barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals from attaining health equity.

We provide direct services, resources and programming to connect community members.

When we work together to address social determinants of health, eliminate barriers to care, and support resiliency and joy for our LGBTQ+ communities, we can build healthy minds and healthy hearts.

Hugh’s Kitchen

Hugh’s Kitchen provides nourishment to LGBTQ+ and HIV communities with necessities like food, hygiene products and safer sex kits. Don’t hesitate to sign up here. E-mail, we’re happy to answer any questions!

Legal Services

Free, need-based civil legal aid services for LGBTQ+ and HIV community members in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Assistance for cases involving identity document support, public benefits counseling, housing support, and civil expungement of criminal records.

We also assist in connecting people with free or discounted legal aid and other support services. We are unable to take any cases involving criminal law.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of name change requests. If you are seeking a name change, our processing times are longer than usual. We may need to utilize a waitlist. If you would like information on other name change services or referral options, please contact us at:


Case Management & Care Coordination

Available for both HIV and LGBTQ+ community members. If you’re struggling to locate or coordinate care for your mental and physical health, or to coordinate your benefits and social supports, please reach out to and ask about our Community Health Workers.

Events & Groups

Join us for a series of wellness events like mushroom foraging or kayaking. We also have chosen family events! Or ask about our support groups for people living with HIV. Just e-mail and let us know what you’re interested in. If we’re not doing it yet, we might be able to work with you to make it happen.

Homosexual young couple hanging out and walking in Greenwich Village – New York, USA.


Seniors regularly meet for coffee hours at Hugh Lane. There are both morning and evening groups for the early risers and the night owls. E-mail to get the details.

Additional Services

There are more services and ways to get involved in raising health with LGBTQ+ and HIV communities. Contact to ask about any of the following:

  • Resource Assistance
  • Tobacco Cessation & Quitline
  • Advocacy & Outreach
  • Community Advisory Boards


Youth & Families

Programs including Big Sibs mentoring, student LGBTQ+ groups, caretaker workshops and trainings, online QChats and Discord server, social activities, behavioral health groups.

Community Services ↗

Programs including Legal Aid, Hugh’s Kitchen food and hygiene supplies, support groups, Case Management, Community Advisory Boards, Wellness Programming.

Training ↗

Comprehensive gender and sexuality training services to serve LGBTQIA+ clients and staff for medical and behavioral health providers, child welfare, human services, educators, and corporations.