Youth & Families

Hugh Lane has a full range of services for youth, caregivers, schools, educators and providers. If there’s a service you’re looking for and you don’t find it below, reach out to, and we can help you find what you need.

Events and Hangouts

Mad Hatter tea parties, trips to Phipps and the Andy Warhol museum, game nights and more.
E-mail for info or to join.


Free group support for LGBTQIA+ youth ages 14-21. After completing four sessions, youth can participate in Hugh Lane’s Youth Advisory Boards. E-mail for info or to join.

Youth Advisory Board

Build leadership skills with other LGBTQ+ youth 14-21. Shape programs and events, center equity and equality across race, ethnicity, gender, ability, class and sexuality. One year commitment.
E-mail for info or to join.

Gay Straight Alliance

We can help you set up a Gay Straight Alliance or Student Union (GSA/GSSU). We also provide programming and content support, as well as supplemental programming for health classes. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your school be a more welcoming environment. E-mail

Father talking and spending time with his teenage son.

Big Sibs

Providing one to one support and mentorship, Big Sibs can help youth with safety considerations for coming out, gender affirming clothing, and building supportive social networks.

E-mail for information or to join.

Life Skills

First Monday of every month 5-6:30pm.
E-mail for info or to join.
Workshops with topics picked by youth for youth. College, relationships & love, self-care, and more.

Discord & Q Chat

Hugh Lane and facilitators from across the country host online discussion groups through Q Chat Space. Chats give LGBTQ+ youth a dedicated space to come together with peers and discuss topics relevant to identities and experiences. Check out

Hugh Lane also hosts a Discord Server for LGBTQ+ youth, monitored by Youth Staff.

Caregiver AFFIRM

This three part series helps parents and caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth build skills and identify strategies to work toward becoming more affirming. Learn more or register here.

Steps 2 Connect

A support for caregivers who may be struggling with a young persons gender and/or sexuality. S2C helps to move families toward improving relationships with LGBTQIA+ youth.


Youth & Families

Programs including Big Sibs mentoring, student LGBTQ+ groups, caretaker workshops and trainings, online QChats and Discord server, social activities, behavioral health groups.

Community Services ↗

Programs including Legal Aid, Hugh’s Kitchen food and hygiene supplies, support groups, Case Management, Community Advisory Boards, Wellness Programming.

Training ↗

Comprehensive gender and sexuality training services to serve LGBTQIA+ clients and staff for medical and behavioral health providers, child welfare, human services, educators, and corporations.