Training Center of Excellence for LGBTQ+ Competence

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Hugh Lane can tailor trainings or workshops for your corporate, medical, social service, small business, school, workplace, or provider setting.

Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation (HLWF) offers comprehensive training and consultation services through our Center of Excellence that promote inclusive environments and positive outcomes for diverse communities. We provide trainings in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Gender Diversity; Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE); and Mental Health Support and Advocacy. 

All training, consultation, and assessment services can be tailored to meet specific organizational goals to better serve clients and staff of a diverse array of identities, with a primary focus on supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. Our Center of Excellence training services improve outcomes and address health disparities for LGBTQ+ individuals by facilitating content that is intersectional, evidence-informed, and performed to best practice standards. Trainings work to reduce the bias and discrimination LGBTQ+ individuals and others experience as well as to create more inclusive spaces overall for the communities we serve. 

HLWF has built a diverse network of expert trainers specializing in content delivery for: Medical Providers, Behavioral Health Providers, Child Welfare Professionals, Education Professionals, and Businesses. Services range from one-time competency training to more robust offerings addressing systemic change and organizational operating procedures to incorporate best practices into policies and supervision models. HLWF offers LGBTQ+ certification paths for both individuals and organizations. To inquire about training options, tailored consultations and assessments, or availability, contact us at:

Our clients include health plans, hospital systems, banking institutions, professional sports teams, health and human service organizations, government/elected officials, and many more.

Here’s what clients had to say about our training services:

Partnering with the Hugh Lane Foundation has been an absolute joy in our efforts to provide the necessary training and education around creating a safe and inclusive workplace.
Hugh Lane Client

Coordinating with Hugh Lane was easy and the content (creating an inclusive culture, dimensions of identity, SOGIE, minority stress models, privilege, processing unconscious bias, etc) was transformative!
Hugh Lane Client

Hugh Lane trainers are experts in this space and it is really highlighted in their presentation! We look forward to future collaborations with the Hugh Lane Foundation!
Hugh Lane Client

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI): Building Culture

Ally Training: Building Culture with Intent
Defines the barriers to developing inclusive culture in your organizations, communities, and society. Identifies ways individuals unconsciously contribute to negative working experiences and provides best practices to intentionally create a welcoming environment within and outside of your organization. Contact

Safe(r) Spaces: Building Culture with Intent

Provides an outline of culture, identity, and the importance of safe(r) spaces. Identifies barriers to forming an inclusive culture and some shared elements of marginalized identity experience (with a particular focus on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression) resulting from these barriers. Participants recognize areas for personal growth and learn what actions and attitudes they can adopt to create and sustain safe(r) spaces.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from LGBTQ Equity Investments:


Youth & Families

Programs including Big Sibs mentoring, student LGBTQ+ groups, caretaker workshops and trainings, online QChats and Discord server, social activities, behavioral health groups.

Community Services ↗

Programs including Legal Aid, Hugh’s Kitchen food and hygiene supplies, support groups, Case Management, Community Advisory Boards, Wellness Programming.

Training ↗

Comprehensive gender and sexuality training services to serve LGBTQIA+ clients and staff for medical and behavioral health providers, child welfare, human services, educators, and corporations.