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The blocks on this page are included within the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce blocks are designed for adding products and eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website.

Please Note: These blocks are developed by WooCommerce, not Organic Themes. We have provided styles for the blocks within the STAX theme. However, the block options and functionality are managed by the WooCommerce development team.

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Please Note: These filter blocks are still under development by the WooCommerce team, and may not work as intended at this time.

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Youth & Families

Programs including Big Sibs mentoring, student LGBTQ+ groups, caretaker workshops and trainings, online QChats and Discord server, social activities, behavioral health groups.

Community Services ↗

Programs including Legal Aid, Hugh’s Kitchen food and hygiene supplies, support groups, Case Management, Community Advisory Boards, Wellness Programming.

Training ↗

Comprehensive gender and sexuality training services to serve LGBTQIA+ clients and staff for medical and behavioral health providers, child welfare, human services, educators, and corporations.